“Priya and her team have been absolutely wonderful to work with. I was in desperate need of accounting help when I found Priya. She jumped right in and instantly whipped my business into shape. Her confidence, work ethic and open communication style have brought me so much peace of mind and has allowed me to focus on growing my business and truly enjoying it. I would highly recommend Priya K Srinivasan CPA to anyone looking for exceptional and efficient accounting skills.”
– Wendy Thayer, Owner, SAGE Interiors

“Priya Srinivasan and her team were an instrumental part in assisting with multiple aspects of our finance department. We were in a challenging position with the abrupt departure of our CFO during the implementation of a new accounting and ERP system. They came in immediately, rolled up their sleeves, and got to work. Without the pragmatic and process-driven approach they took, I can’t imagine what the result would have been.”
– Aaron Eggert, President, iSpace Environments

“A few years ago, I worked with a bookkeeper who created a mess with the Federal Government for my young company. I spoke with several established interior designers regarding their freelance accounting services and was referred to Priya. I hired her immediately. I was so fortunate that Priya agreed to help me though the quagmire generated by my former bookkeeper. She painstakingly straightened out my accounting predicament and literally turned everything around.
Priya and her team continue to assist me with all things CPA (accounting, payroll, federal/state taxes and filings, workman’s comp filings, unemployment filings, journal entries, bank reconciliations, etc.). I no longer have to worry about this vital aspect of my business, allowing me the time to work with clients and design. Priya is available nearly 24/7 for questions, advice and business support. She is extremely knowledgeable, well informed and astute. Priya is a true asset to my interior design business! She is worth every penny.”
– Maureen Haggerty, Owner, mint

“I have had the good fortune to have Priya as my accountant over the last year. She helped me stand up my consulting business, and was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. Priya provided options, the implications of those options on my taxes, and was always willing to take time to explain things so that I understood everything. I would recommend Priya to anyone. She is helpful, knowledgeable, and very responsive to your needs.”
– Jayme McBride, VP, Optum Data Solutions

“I have had the pleasure of having Priya be my CPA and tax consultant for over 12 years. During that time she has done a great job for us, not just in preparing our taxes for the previous year, but showing us how plan for our financial future and helping us understand the tax implications of our plan. I recommend Priya very highly for her intelligence, tax knowledge, and financial planning abilities. I can’t imagine anyone else handling our taxes.”
– Joel Merriam, Consultant, C2 IT Solutions Consulting

“I used Priya as my personal tax accountant for 3-4 years. She was an excellent fit for my needs. Very dependable, and always made sure to follow up on the details. She lifted a big burden from my shoulders. She also did some more complicated corporate filings and tax work for me, and I found her to be very experienced on corporate side as well. She’s very patient and skilled. I would highly recommend her.”
– Frazier Miller, COO, Articulate

“I have used Priya’s service for more than 4 years. She is extremely friendly, trustworthy, and great to work with. She is on top of everything and gets my accounting needs done on-time. The best part about her is the ability to explain all those complex accounting stuff in a manner even I can understand. She is also up to date with changes in IRS, so that she can recommend best ways to save money and time. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for quality and affordable accounting service.”
– Jawahar Varadhan, Business & Independent Client

“When Priya joined the staff, the organization’s financial records had been managed by several different people with their own styles over a few years; simple financial reports were difficult to obtain. Priya came in and standardized systems and accounts, painstakingly sorting through the information, and brought everything into order. For example, we worked together to appropriately categorize contributions, culling through lists to make sure our tracking was in agreement. The finances became very transparent to me and the rest of the staff. After her first budget cycle with the company, months were shaved off of the auditing process and reports that once took days to procure could be produced in a matter of minutes. She is thorough, detailed, and highly professional in her work, and a joy to work with. I highly recommend her.”
– Don Sommers, Development Director, The Jungle Theater

“Priya is an outstanding finance professional and valuable resource to a company. She has an intelligent grasp of the nature of the business she’s working in, which enables her to appropriately manage the finance function – formulating creative ways to cut costs and streamline processes including outsourcing or offshoring various functions. While working together at CS Solutions, I saw Priya face challenges with a positive attitude and handle difficult situations is a professional, forthcoming manner. She is a diligent worker who performs extremely well under pressure and is adept at juggling multiple projects simultaneously. While facing difficult challenges during an economic downturn, she always kept her eye on the bottom line and worked to reduce costs in all aspects throughout the company. She is very knowledgeable not only in financial areas, but in the entire business process. I never saw her turn down a request – she was always eager to pitch in to make the process work no matter what the task entailed. I learned a lot working with Priya and consider my time spent working with her as a valuable and rewarding work experience.”
– Cynthia Sonju, Human Resources Generalist, CS Solutions, Inc